Theory courses


This is an intensive course as it regroups 3 subjects : solfeggio, harmony and aural skills. It is aimed at students who must prepare for entrance exams to the eMa preprofessional branch and students who wish to enhance their musical knowledge and listening abilities.

These courses are given by 3 teachers specialising in their individual subject on a rota.

Teachers : Ingrid Wildemann, Eric Bisoffi et Steve Huber

Age : ages 14+

Preferred level : student who has played an instrument for at least one year

Duration : 60 minutes

Time : Mondays from 6.30 to 7.30 PM

Young person price : 864.– / 605.–*

Adult price : 1056.– / 845.–*


This course is aimed at the study of reading and writing of notes and rhythms, sight singing melodies in various musical styles and musical theory, as well as the development of aural skills through chord progression, melodic lines and rhythm exercises.

This course is offered as an individual course. 

Teachers : Erwan ValazzaSteve Huber, Julien Ménagé

Age : age 10+

Level : beginner – intermediate