Kids Special

New - Classic Rock

The Classic Rock workshops can be adapted to suit the level of participants (beginner to advanced).

A repertoire to discover rock in all its different forms and styles, from the sixties to the 2000s.

Developing and learning to play in a group, working on listening to other musicians, rhythmic placement, improvisation, nuances – everything you need to perfect your musicianship in a relaxed atmosphere.

Teacher : Michel Marthaler

Age : between 15 and 25

Level : all levels

Duration : 60 minutes

Time : 1-2PM on Wednesday

Children pricing : 672.– / 336.–*

Young person pricing : 864.– / 605.–*


A collective class dedicated to children from ages 4 up who don’t play any instruments yet and want to discover music in a fun, modern way. They will get a feel for rhythm on basic percussion instruments or on instruments created by the students themselves, learn to sing familiar melodies (musics from films, cartoons, video games etc), learn to have their role in a group, to move following a tempo, discover electronic music on loopers or computers… A fun and stimulating workshop to develop your children’s creativity!

Teachers :  Maxence Sibille (and Eric Bisoffi)

Ages : ages 4+

Level : beginner

Duration : 45 minutes

Time : 12-12.45AM on Wednesdays

Children pricing : 504.– / 252.–*


Nothing is more stimulating to learn an instrument than group practice! After a first year of instrument practice students can discover the joys of being on stage with their friends through a diverse repertoire.

Teacher : Zacharie Ksyk

Âge : ages 7-13

Level : beginner and intermediate

Maximum : 7 students

Duration : 60 minutes

Time : 4-5PM on Wednesdays

Children pricing : 672.– / 336.–*


The workshop is open to all instrument players, including beginners. Learn to play in a group and present a repertoire on stage through simple arrangements. Maximum 3 participants.

Teacher : Eric Bisoffi

Ages : ages 8-13

Level : beginner and advanced

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 1-2.15PM on Wednesdays

Children price : 1008.– / 504.–*


A choir for young people to discover the joys of singing together, learning basic vocal techniques, the musical vocabulary and rhythm. Thanks to a repertoire of contemporary music adapted to their age, children put their knowledge in use in a stimulating environment through performances on stage.

Teacher : Angelo Aseron

Ages : ages 6-13

Level : beginner and intermediate

Duration : 60 minutes

Times : 5.30-6.30PM on Friday

Children pricing : 672.– / 336.–*


TheMetal4Kids offers a heavy rock repertoire based on the standards of the genre, and is offered to young musicians under 16 with an advanced level. From Ozzy Osbourne to Van Halen, going through all the groups that have contributed to the history of this ever-changing style, Metal4Kids’s goal is to create a setlist to quickly climb on stage! Applicants will be auditioned.

Teacher Christophe Godin

Age : ages 9-15

Level : advanced

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 6.15-7.45PM on Tuesdays

Children price : 1008.– / 504.–*

Young people price : 1296.– / 907.–*


Students will learn to create their own custom songs using pre-recorded instrumental tracks (loops or samples) using GarageBand, Reason or Cubase. They will also be able to record their own voices or instruments to complete their creations. At the end of the course the student will leave with their track burnt on a CD. This course is particularly adapted to younger students and has no prerequisites.



Teacher Ladislav Agabekov LAD

Ages : age 7+

Level : beginner

Duration : 60 minutes

Time : Wednesdays from 1.30PM to 2.30PM (ages 15+) and 2.30-3.30PM (ages 6-15)

Children price : 672.- / 336.-*

Young persons price : 864.- /605.-*