Intensive branch

The school’s intensive branch is aimed at particularly talented students ages 9-16. It can last 2-6 years depending on the age of the student. This branch prepares students for the entrance exams for the preprofessional branch.


Compulsory courses :

  • one main instrument class  (60’/week)
  • one general theory course (60’/week)
  • at least one workshop (90’/week)

Optional courses :

  • introduction to computer music (30’/week)
  • for non-pianiats, one piano class as a second instrument (30’/week)

The content of the course will be adapted to the student’s availabilities. The student can elect to take more subjects if he so chooses.

Besides the student must take part each year in :

  • 2 masterclasses
  • 2 internal auditions
  • 2 external concerts
  • present a 15′ personal project starting from year 2
  • pass an instrumental exam

Students interested in the intensive branch must book an appointment with the director for an interview and an audition.