Preprofessional branch

The school’s preprofessional branch’s main goal is to teach students who wish to acquire the necessary skills to become professional musicians in the field of contemporary music.

This branch also prepares students for the entrance exams of prestigious Swiss (HEM) and international music schools,


Students wishing to enrol in the preprofessional branch must pass the theory and instrumental entrance exams. Entrance exams at the end of June. 50 CHF exam fees will be charged on the day the student registers. Registration for the entrance exams is open until May.


Stage course exams:

Instrumental and theory tests:

Accompaniments, technique, sight reading, rhythm, melody and scale charts.

Theory tests :

Aural skills, music theory, rhythm reading and sung melody.

Production course exams :

Practical test:

Basic knowledge of the use of an audio-numeric sequencer as per prerequisites.

Audio editing test :

Edit a track based on provided tracks, as per prerequisites.

Theory test:

Basic understanding of the devices and cables used for home studio as per prerequisites.


Prerequisites to enter the preprofessional branch:

Stage course (music theory and instrument):

Production course:

All the classes offered in both stage and production courses can be taken as an option depending on the student’s choice.

Would you like to register? It is advised to read the prerequisites for the entrance exams and to book an appointment with eMa’s director for an interview.

Call us at +41 (0)22 344 44 22 or download the admission exam registration sheet.

In order to pay the 50.- CHF registration fee here please use the following details:

IBAN : CH54 0078 8000 0502 5545 5

Account number : 12-1-2 with Banque Cantonale de Genève, 1204 Genève

Fondation ETM – Ecole des Musiques Actuelles & Des Technologies Musicales

Route des Acacias 8

1227 Les Acacias