ETM’s charter

ETM was created in 1983 and was the first “rock” music school in Swiss Romandie.

At the time we felt it was indispensable for contemporary musics to be taught similarly to classical musical styles.

Modern music is constantly evolving and we are careful to make sure to adapt our class programs and equipments to the current musical trends.

Our classes are planned and taught by experienced teachers who are also musicians active on national and international stages. We consider our students’ successes in their musical endeavours to be the most important pedagogical achievement and the best way to measure the quality of our formations.

Our mission :

Teach the young musicians who will soon be  performing on the European stages, and contribute to the happiness of adults through the practice of their preferred instrument.

Fulfilling those goals means we often get to hear our alumni on the radio, on CDs or on stage, or as finalists in many competitions.

This represents our most gratifying pedagogical accomplishment as our students’ success is the best way of measuring the quality of our teaching.

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ETM’s charter

Our institution

ETM was funded in 1983 and was the first “rock” school in Swiss Romandie dedicated to the teaching of contemporary music.

This term encompasses both acoustic and amplified musics derived in particular from blues, gospel and jazz music. It includes rock, pop music, electronic music, hip hop and dozens of other related music styles.

Contemporary musics are an essential component of our society both as part of the identity of most of our youth and as a means of contemporary artistic expression. They are present in most audiovisual content on a global scale.

Besides, computer musics have now become an indispensable tool for contemporary musics.


Our mission

ETM has two missions.

First to meet the students’ learning needs in order to prepare them for the requirements to perform on international stages and to pass the competitive examinations to enter prestigious schools.

On the other hand the andragogy developed at ETM contributes to the well-being of adults through the musical studies of their choice.


Our vision

We believe it is indispensable to give contemporary musics their place next to and complementary to a classical formation.

Thanks to its geographical situation at the heart of Geneva, its story and its excellence ETM has become an essential formation place for young musicians.

The stage is a place of  dialog and sharing and an essential part of our teaching. We organise 80 events per year (masterclasses, concerts, jam sessions, auditions) that stimulate our students and allows them to be discovered by wider audiences.

Thanks to its diversity, ETM contributes to the recognition and the outreach of contemporary musics towards the population and the authorities.


Our values

  • Excellence

Our classes are designed and taught by experienced teachers who are also high level artists active on national and international stages.

  • Quality

Our study plans are adapted to the stringent requirements that go with the profession of musician and contribute to the success our students achieve after being taught at our school.

Many of our alumni are enjoying an intense musical career by participating to festivals, radio or television shows, recording CDs or winning competitions.

The success of the projects of our students represents the most important accomplishment of our teaching and the best way to ensure the quality of our courses

  • Accessibility

The schooling fees shouldn’t prevent young people’s artistic development. ETM offers some free activities (both internal and external) and tries to adopt an understanding stance based on each student’s situation.

  • Respect – Attention – Diversity

Contemporary musics historically come from disadvantaged social backgrounds and have always acted as a cultural, ethnic and social link. Listening to others and respecting differences are intrinsic values that ETM aims to transmit through its teaching.

  • Discipline

Music generally and contemporary musics in particular convey a relaxed feel and the idea of pleasure or even levity. However in order to express oneself  through the mastery of an instrument one must achieve a great amount of will, humility and discipline.



ETM must keep up to date with the many mutations in the field of contemporary music while ensuring a continuity in its courses and stimulating its students’ creativity.

Modern music is constantly evolving and we are careful to make sure to adapt our class programs and equipments to the current musical trends.




ETM is organised in 4 branches

Collective classes and workshops

The instrumental branch

The intensive branch

The preprofessional branch


Collective classes and workshops

This branch is comprised of both theory and practical classes. The theory classes allow the students to learn essential skills for musical practice such as music theory, rhythm, and general theory. The practical courses include all our workshops. The goal is to offer the student all the tools to be able to “experience the stage” during auditions and concerts in partner locations.

The instrumental branch

Students of all ages and levels can discover and improve their abilities playing the instrument of their choice.

It is not necessary to have any prior music theory or instrument playing knowledge to sign up. The teacher will give the student advice and assistance for their individual musical projects or musical practice in a band. Additional learning opportunities such as auditions, concerts, recording sessions, masterclasses, alongside the infrastructure of this section, all contribute to helping musical students with similar aspirations to meet and collaborate.

The intensive branch

ETM’s intensive branch is meant for particularly talented 9-16 year old students. It can vary in its duration from 2 to 6 years depending on the student’s age. This branch prepares students for the entrance exams for the contemporary music preprofessional branch.

The preprofessional branch

ETM’s preprofessional branch’s main goal is to teach students wishing to learn the necessary skills to become professional musicians in the field of contemporary music.

This branch can also prepare students to the entrance exams to prestigious Swiss or international music schools.

This branch offers two possible orientations relating to the specificity of the musician profession : stage and production.


Our values and challenges

ETM’s goal is to answer the learning needs of each student with great care for the quality and the constant improvement of its pedagogical practices.

To that end, the institution has set in place some procedures to evaluate student satisfaction and a self-evaluation system for teachers’ pedagogical activities within the school.

One of the school’s major challenge when it comes to teaching contemporary music and musical technologies is to stay up to date with the many evolutions in those fields while ensuring a continuity in the learning material.