School’s charter

School’s charter

Our institution

The school, founded in 1983, was the first music school in French-speaking Switzerland that was neither classical nor jazz. Over the decades, its teaching has been extended to all types of music known as “modern” (hereafter: MUA). Its activity has been recognised since 1985 by the Department of Public Education of the Republic and Canton of Geneva (hereafter: DIP).

The MUA are an essential component of our society, both from a cultural point of view, as a means of contemporary artistic expression, and as entertainment. They emerge from popular cultures: jazz, rock, pop, blues, chanson, electronic music, hip hop, world music, etc. As such, they logically feed the audio-visual field on a global scale.

Evolving with the society in which they are embedded, they integrate the technologies useful for their dissemination: from acoustics to amplified music, from radio to video, from pressed discs to Internet broadcasting, from real instruments to DJing, from studio recording to computer-assisted music (CAM).

The school Charter


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