Louis Billette


Louis Billette is originally from Paris but has lived in Lausanne since 2012 and has since become one of the staples of the Swiss jazz stage. Trained in classical and jazz music, full of musical experiences ranging from hip hop to modern jazz, Louis Billette is a creative musician who masters a large arrayx of styles. He is the leader of the Louis Billette Quintet (Swiss Diagonales jazz 2019), but also a member of the collective OGGY & the Phonics (1st prize JazzContreBand), the Gabriel Zufferey Quartet, Manu Hagmann’s CHOICE and Lost in Swing.

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Louis Billette Quintet : https://louisbillette.com/louis-billette-quintet

OGGY & the Phonics : http://www.oggyandthephonics.com/

Lost in Swing : http://lostinswing.com/

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