Julien Ménagé


Julien Ménagé was born in Perpignan (FR) and started playing the piano by ear age 9. In 2014, he rapidly develops an interest in jazz music and enters the Troyes and the Noisiel Conservatories. Enthusiastic and hard-working, he graduates from both conservatories in 4 years. In 2009, he decides to continue his music studies abroad and settles down in the Netherlands for 3 years. Julien entered the Royal Conservatory of La Haye where he completed a Bachelor’s degree (2010) and a Master of Arts degree (2012) in jazz piano. He graduates receiving an award for best piano exam in the jazz department. Finally, he entered the Lausanne HEM where he studied instrumental pedagogy and obtained a Master’s degree in pedagogy in 2014.

During his time in the Netherlands, Julien was active on the music scene and had the opportunity to showcase his music and accompany many musicians throughout Europe in clubs and festivals : Jazz à Vienne, Montreux Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Agrinio Jazz Festival, Bernex Jazz Festival, etc. 

In 2018, he opens solo for Tigran Hamasyan for the piano night of Evian’s piano marathon at La Grange au Lac. 

Julien was lucky enough to learn from such musicians as Baptiste Trotignon, Gwilym Simcock, Fred Hersch, Patrick Müller, Jasper Soffers, Wolfert Brederode, Laurent Guanzini, Ludovic de Preissac, Eric Ineke, Toon Roos, Laurent Cugny, Frédéric Favarel, Sylvain Boeuf …

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