Specific course modules

Diatonic harmonica workshop

Harmonica is taught by Guillaume Lagger throughout multiple day workshops along the school year.

These workshops are meant for intermediate players (basic “blues playing”, “alterations” with some amount of control, beginning of the exploration of “overnotes”) who wish to expand their knowledge and explore new ways of playing.

The goal is to understand the logic and mechanics of harmonica playing, starting with folk and blues music, in order to broach new tones, new scales, and to progressively leave the infamous “second position”. How to play in “other positions”? How to play tunes with a minor, Oriental, African consonance? How to discover “chromatism” on the diatonic harmonica as new notes appear when the player masters alterations and overnotes?

No yearly registration, each workshop is independent from others, can be adapted to suit the participants and is limited to 10 people.



Teacher : Guillaume Lagger

Next workshop : ask reception

Hours : 9h30 introduction ; 10h-12h / 14h-18h : course ; 18h : presentation of the work of the day

Lunch : Canadian buffet on site

Pricing : 150.- CHF


For any question about the workshop please email Guillaume Lagger at guillaume@lironieduson.ch



Discover all the tools necessary to write a song while developing your own style and artistic personality. We guide you in the development of a melody and text on a harmonic based with an interactive teaching style and a focus on self-criticism. The teacher will invite the student to record their creations within ETM’s recording studio and during our “Events”.

Teachers : Alexandre Coppaloni (Alenko)

Age : from 14 years old

Level : intermediate, advanced

Duration : 1 6h-module on Saturday Jan 30th 2021

Pricing : 150.- chf /module


For any questions about the content of the workshop please email Alexandre Coppaloni (etm@alenko.ch)