New - Creative strings workshop

A workshop aimed at string instruments players (violin, alto, cello, bass) with an intermediate to advanced / professional level to touch on various non-classical genres:

  • contemporary music (pop-rock, blues, etc.)
  • world music (Balkan, Celtic, flamenco, etc.)
  • improvised music (jazz, gypsy swing, free improv, etc.)

Students will practice arrangements composed for the group, but also study various fields related to live music :

  • phrasing (swing, attack, groove, etc.)
  • accompaniment (chords, pizz, chops, etc. )
  • the role of chords playing (in various traditional and non traditional contexts)
  • improvisation (tonal, modal, free-style, etc.)
  • personal discourse

If you play classical music and want to expand your horizons this workshop is for you!

Teacher : Marc Croft

Age : ages 16+

Level : intermediate, advanced, professional

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 6.30-8.00PM on Thursdays

Young person pricing : 1296.– / 907.–*

Adults pricing : 1584.– / 1267.–*

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