New - Ensemble workshop

Wind instruments are usually used as solo instruments. This workshop lets wind instrument players discover the joys of playing together in the spirit of the great American Big Bands (Count Basie).

Teacher : Louis Billette

Ages : ages 16+

Level : beginner, intermediate, advanced

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 2-3.30PM on Thursdays

Young person pricing : 1296.- / 907.-*

Adult pricing : 1584.- / 1267.-*

New - Oral transmission workshop

Work on your musical ear through playing music and oral transmission! The challenge will be to learn a new piece, a melody, a groove…. in any musical style, mostly by ear and memory. A learning approach inspired by contemporary music styles which were developed solely through oral tradition and that doesn’t fail to help better understand music and its workings.

Teacher : Manu Hagmann

Age : ages 16+

Level : beginner and intermediate

Duration : 60 minutes

Time : 6.30-7.30PM on Mondays

Young person pricing : 864.- / 605.-*

Adult pricing : 1056.- / 845.-*



Swing is the irresistible sway of jazz and many other syncopated musics but it’s also the style that has enjoyed the most popularity in the history of jazz thanks to its precursors L. Armstrong, S. Bechet, F. Waller… It reached the summum of its fame with D. Ellington, L. Hampton, N. King Cole, C. Hawkins, B. Holliday…

Manu Hagmann invites you to submerge into this music that he has resonated with from a very young age. It is a true historical pillar of occidental popular music that talks to the heart and the feet, all at once accessible, rich and inviting in improvisation and creativity.


Teacher : Manu Hagmann

Age : ages 8+

Level : beginner, intermediate and advanced

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 7.30-9PM on Mondays

Children pricing : 1008.- / 504.-*

Young person pricing : 1296.- / 907.-*

Adult pricing : 1584.- / 1267.-*


“Bring back the sixties”

The jazz standards : discover the most famous pieces, and those that deserve their moment of fame. Through works of art signed by Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver, Miles Davis, or Mc Coy Turner, this workshop encourages students to express themselves freely, generously and in a contemporary manner. The workshop can include the following instruments : piano, bass, guitar, drums, wind instruments and singing.

Teachers : Zacharie Ksyk

Age : ages 16+

Level : beginner and intermediate

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 6-7.30PM or 7.30-9PM on Wednesdays

Young person pricing : 1296.– / 907.–*

Adult pricing : 1584.– / 1267.–*


This workshop is geared towards musician wishing to improve their improvisation techniques. Defining a work plan to help musicians learn scales, modes, patterns, riffs and developing their own ideas in jazz improvisation.

Teacher : Zacharie Ksyk

Age : ages 16+

Level  : beginner and intermediate

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 12AM-1.30PM on Thursdays

Young person pricing : 1296.– / 907.–*

Adult pricing : 1584.– / 1267.–*


Every third Thursday of the month ETM meets with jazz in all its shapes. Come share in on solos accompanied by pros!

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