Funk R’nB Soul


Come and discover the pleasure of replaying the greatest standards from the 70s to today. From Aretha Franklin to James Brown to The Meters, funk and soul music are two narrowly intertwined musical styles. They constitute the timeless heritage of Afro-American music.

By taking part in this workshop, you will explore these styles’ different grooves, the section practice (rhythmic / brass), and learn about structures and improvisation.

The workshop can include the following instruments: singing, keyboards, bass, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, trombone.

Teacher : Matthieu Llodra

Age : ages 14+

Level : intermediate and advanced

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 6.45-8.15PM on Mondays

Young person pricing : 1296.- / 907.-*

Adult pricing : 1584.- / 1267.-*


*Tarif d’un cours collectif associé à un cours instrumental




Discover pieces in different styles (rock, blues, hard, ballad, jazz, bossa, pop-electro, groove) from the standard repertoire or your personal one.

Teacher : Erwan Valazza

Age : ages 14+

Level : beginner (with at least 1 year of playing), intermediate and advanced

Duration : 90 minutes

Time : 5.15-6.45PM Wednesday or 6.45-8.15 on Monday (beginners-intermediate players)

Young person pricing : 1296.– / 907.–*

Adult pricing : 1584.– / 1267.–*

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