Administrative, pedagogical and financial director: Stefano Saccon
HR assistant, administrative assistant: Véronique Perrin
Accounting, administrative assistant: Delphine Devaud
Preprofessional branch, communication, webmaster, administrative assistant : Laure Valentini
Technician : Ladislav Agabekov (Lad)
Music managers : Jean-Luc Méric and Franck de Froment
Concert and preprofessional evening events coordinator : Alexandre Coppaloni



President: Stefano Saccon

Singing and theory : Florence Chitacumbi (
Computer music and production : Pascal Hausammann (
Rhythmics : Ivan Rougny (
Strings : Christophe Godin (
Keyboards : Léo Tardin (
Winds : Stefano Saccon (


President : Bénédict Fontanet, lawyer
Vice-President : Robert Cramer, lawyer, Counciller and former President of the Council of States
Treasurer : Tullio Di Dio, financial director
Members :

  • Thierry Bonvin, Audio postproduction manager at RTS
  • Alessandro Conelli, CEO of Cabestan Capital Partners SA
  • Laurent Moutinot, lawyer, former President of the Council of States
  • François Reyl, CEO of Reyl & Cie SA


Our school premises were built in 2006 and allow around 30 teachers and more than 400 students to work and study in optimal conditions :

  • 800 m2 all on one floor
  • 15 classrooms
  • 3 rehearsal rooms
  • 1 concert hall
  • 1 cafeteria
  • 1 computer music room
  • regular investments in the latest musical technologies
  • a recording studio